Komatsu PW98MR-8 mobile excavator

Komatsu PW98MR-8 with blade and outriggers. VA boom, Powertilt and 3 buckets! 4x4x4 steering. Very good working machine!
€ 41.500,00 excl tax

Komatsu PC240 NLC-8 crawler excavator

Komatsu PC240 NLC-8 with quick-coupler and 2 buckets! Very nice machine.
€ 37.500,00 excl tax

Komatsu PC 210LC-8 crawler excavator

Komatsu PC210-8 with rotating stick and 2 buckets.Very clean nice machine. Ready to work.
€ 38.000,00 excl tax

Komatsu D65 lift cilinder 707-02-X0220

Complete lift cilinder from the blade of a Komatsu D65 EX-15 and D65 PX-15
The machine what is breaked for these parts had only 7000 hours,
cilinders are tested and leak free.

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Komatsu D65 EX-15 equalizer 14X-50-11110

Good equalizer bar with new bearing and seals.

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Komatsu D65-15 Finaldrive OEM 14X2700310

comes from a Komatsu with fire damage, machine had 8,000 operating hours.

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