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Crawler excavators

Caterpillar 219 LC rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 219 LC, in very good working condition! ready to work machine.
€ 23.500,00 excl tax

Caterpillar 315 C rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 315CL year 2006, bery good working condition! Verachterd coupler with bucket.
€ 27.000,00 excl tax

Caterpillar 315D rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 315D, is in very good working condition! 2x Hydraulic function. Verachterd coupler with bucket.
€ 27.000,00 excl tax

Caterpillar 320 DL rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 320DL, Excellent machine with good undercarriage and new bucket
€ 45.500,00 excl tax

Caterpillar 320 DL rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 320DL 2008, good working machine with new bucket!
€ 42.000,00 excl tax

Caterpillar 321C LCR rupsgraafmachine

CAT 321C in very good condition!
€ 33.000,00 excl tax

Caterpillar 330 B rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 330B UHD demolition machine with 22m boom. Extendable undercarriage. Machine is with 2 booms. Also with a Standardboom and quick-coupler. Good working german machine!
€ 69.000,00 excl tax

Caterpillar 330 C rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 330C, good working machine! Check the videos on youtube Lamersmachinery 330C
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Caterpillar 330 D rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 330 DL year 2008 with good undercarriage and bucket. Check the video on youtube Lamersmachinery.
€ 51.000,00 excl tax

Caterpillar 336 DL rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 336DL year 2011, original German machine with 11000 hours. Very nice complete machine!
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Caterpillar 345 D rupsgraafmachine

Caterpillar 345DL, in good working condition. Machine is ready to work.
€ 60.000,00 excl tax

Hitachi EX400 rupsgraafmachine


€ 36.000,00 excl tax

Hitachi ZX250 LCN-3 rupsgraafmachine

Hitachi ZX250 LCN, very nice german machine in good working condition!
€ 29.250,00 excl tax

Komatsu PC118MR-8 rupsgraafmachine

Komatsu PC118 with original 6100 working hours. Powertilt with Lehnhoff coupler and 3 buckets.
€ 49.000,00 excl tax

Liebherr R924 compact rupsgraafmachine

Liebherr A924 Compact with hydr Lehnhoff coupler and 3 buckets! Very nice fully equipped machine!
€ 46.800,00 excl tax

Volvo EC 300 DNL rupsgraafmachine

Volvo EC300 DLN in TOP CONDITION! Nice machine ready to work, with quick-coupler and bucket.
€ 68.500,00 excl tax

Yanmar SV100-1 midi rupsgraafmachine

Yanmar SV100 with hydr coupler and 2 buckets. Nice clean machine!
€ 28.000,00 excl tax