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Buckets and attachments

Hooibaalgrijper Cascade EU 185cm

Cascade EU cubic hay bale grab 185 cm jaw opening, with Volvo quick-coupler system, suitable for Volvo L50, L60, L70, L90

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Volvo L90 wood log grapple 1600mm wide

Volvo Woodlog grapple
Fits on Volvo L90, L90H
1600mm wide

€ 5.000,00 excl tax

Kinshofer clamshellgrab C08 600mm

Kinshofer clamshell grab C08 HPX drive, 600mm bucket width, 6 removable teeth and KM04F140-30US roto drive

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OQ80 Bucket 1250mm

125cm Bucket with S-System S80 Couplerplate and teeth, also fits on an OilQuick OQ80 quick coupler.

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S60/OQ60 Sorting grab 200cm

Neat sorting grab, 200cm jaw opening, S-System S60 fits on Oil-Quick OQ60, suitable for 12-18 ton machines

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Verachtert CW45 Kantelbak 240cm

Tiltingbucket with Verachtert CW45 coupler 240cm bucketwidth

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Oil Quick OQ70 TLV Tiltingbucket 160cm

TLV tilting-bucket with OilQuick OQ70 coupler, 160 cm bucket width

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CAT Verachtert CW45S Tiltingbucket 240cm

Caterpillar Tiltingbucket with Verachtert CW45S coupler 240cm bucketwidth

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Ditchbucket200cm POME s-system S45/OQ45

Pome ditch bucket 200cm suitable for machines between 5 and 12 tons. Wide ditchbucket, ideal for maintaining ditches and in construction due to the smooth blade. Fits on an S-System S45 (OilQuick OQ45) quick coupler.

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OilQuick OQ70 Standard Bucket 1500mm ZFE

S-System S70 (OilQuick OQ70) bucket 1500mm wide with teeth

€ 5.000,00 excl tax

Okada Rottating Grapple + Lehnhoff SW21

Okada Roto Grapple + Lehnhoff SW21

€ 6.500,00 excl tax

CAT 390 Heavy Duty KM4 - 8000 Bucket

Klepp Mek Heavy Duty 220cm KM4 - 8000 bucket for Caterpillar 390 DLME, with Heel Shrouds, Lip Shrouds and Rear Wear Strips. Including Klepp Mek KM4 hydraulic quick coupler.

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Grapple bucket Peiner HZG

OilQuick OQ80 Peiner HZG19 Clamshellbucket from 1995
€ 3.900,00 excl tax

Oil Quick OQ90 kantelbak 185 cm

Oil Quick OQ90 coupler with 185cm tilting bucket. year 2010

€ 4.500,00 excl tax